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What is Video Conferencing System?

Issuing time:2019-09-02 15:47Author:zonda

What is video Conference System?

The so-called Video Conference System refers to an individual or group of two or more different places, through the transmission line and multimedia equipment, the video, sound and file data are transmitted to each other to realize instant and interactive communication system equipment.The video conferencing system is widely used in video conferencing, distance education, telemedicine, e-government, collaborative office, online training, etc. It can be widely used in government, military, enterprise, IT, telecommunications, electric power, education, medical, financial and other fields.

At present, video conferencing systems mostly use MCU (Multi-point Control Unit), including central platform equipment, system management software, terminal equipment, software terminals, video and audio equipment, transmission systems and other parts. In this structure, the MCU is used as the central platform device, other devices access the MCU through the terminal devices of each sub-site to centrally perform data processing, network processing, and conference management to form a complete video conference system. Further, a larger-scale networking can be performed by multi-stage cascading of multiple MCUs or multi-machine stacking of the same level.

Generally speaking, MCU structure video conferencing system including below equipment:

Equipment TypeEquipmentUsage
Central platform equipmentMCUThe video conferencing system management platform is responsible for access, protocol processing, media processing, and conference management of all video conferencing terminals, and performs large-scale networking in the form of cascading and stacking.
System management softwareSystem management softwareCentralized control of conference equipment and full scheduling of conference services, including conference control system, network management system, digital recording and video on demand software.
Split terminalIndependent terminal equipmentAccess other audio and video equipment through the device. It is deployed in conference rooms, offices and desktops to realize the encoding, decoding and transmission of conference video and audio signals.
Terminal equipmentIntegrated terminalAn integrated terminal device integrated with audio and video equipment. It is deployed in conference rooms, offices and desktops for the acquisition, encoding, decoding and transmission of conference video and audio signals.

Software terminal

Video conferencing software terminal

The software terminal can run in various environments such as a personal computer, a tablet computer, and a mobile phone, to realize video conference communication by using the above intelligent terminal.

Audio-video equipments


Acquiring image signals


Acquiring sound signals

LCD display

For image output


For sound output

As manufacturer of professional HD video camera, our main product type as below:

Product TypeProduct specific type
Function and featuresApplication
HD Video CameraHD video PTZ cameraThis type of product is a video conferencing system front-end image acquisition device with built-in pan/tilt to provide high-quality image images.High-definition video conferencing, tele-education, tele-medicine, government, church and other communication application
HD video box cameraThis type of product is a video conferencing system front-end image acquisition device without built-in pan/tilt to provide high-quality image images.

What`s More:

High-definition video conferencing   PTZ camera:

The PTZ camera has a resolution of 720p/1080i/1080p or more, with a pan/tilt function and is mainly used in video conferencing systems. Among them, PTZ is for Pan/Tilt/Zoom, which represents the omnidirectional (left/right/up and down) movement of the pan/tilt and lens zoom and zoom control.Since establishment, our company focus on high-definition video conferencing PTZ camera, which has been continuously upgraded and optimized, iteratively updated and undergoes a series of developments. It is currently developing the ninth generation of products to achieve image clarity to ultra-high definition (4k resolution). To provide customers with a better video conferencing experience.

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