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Maintenance method of remote video conference system

Issuing time:2019-11-26 16:23Author:zonda.cam@gmail.com

Maintenance method of remote video conference system

With the continuous development of video conferences, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for video conferences. High-definition video conference systems have been favored by many enterprises, and more and more companies choose video conferences. Therefore it becomes more and more important, so that the maintenance work becomes very important. Today we will take a look at the maintenance method of the video conference system.

1. The first is the safety of the equipment

Video conference equipment is usually placed in the conference room, and some conference rooms have low utilization rates, and often the conference room is empty; therefore, such expensive equipment must be designated by a custodian, and the custodian must check the equipment once a day; guarantee equipment and equipment Integrity, preferably in a conference room with security monitoring.

2.Precautions for daily use of video conferencing

Before the meeting, you should adjust the position of the lens and set the preset position of the lens. The lens cannot be placed in a place with backlight. During the meeting, try not to walk back and forth in front of the camera, and do not often control the lens rotation. During the meeting, if there is any reason to interrupt the meeting, etc., do not immediately call other sites with the remote control. Instead, call the operator of the main site in time to wait for the operation of the main site. Do not connect the PC to the device for sites that do not need to send dual streams. After each use, disconnect the power supply in time after shutting down. If the power is not disconnected, the device is powered on.

3.Precautions for daily maintenance of video conference

The device should be placed in a fixed position, avoiding moving and plugging the wiring as much as possible. The system settings of the device are adjusted and cannot be changed at will. Try to avoid using remote camera control during meetings. It is strictly forbidden to plug or unplug any cables while power is on. Do not clean or maintain the equipment with power on. Do not turn the lens by hand. Do not shake or squeeze the device, especially the lens. Do not disassemble the device at will. Fireworks and exposure are strictly prohibited. Cover the camera lens with the device.

In summary, it is the maintenance method of the video conference system. I believe that it will be helpful to you after watching it.

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