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The ultimate buyer's guide on your video conferencing system purchasing.

Issuing time:2019-11-19 09:58Author:zonda.cam@gmail.com

The ultimate buyer's guide on your video conferencing system purchasing.

The video conferencing products on the market are complicated and mixed. When purchasing a video conferencing system, what should companies do to avoid being riddled by manufacturers? Enterprises can start from the following points and try to squat as little as possible.

1. Know yourself and know each other. If you want to buy a product that suits you, you need to understand your needs first, and then focus on the products according to your needs.

Frequency of use: whether it is several times a year, or almost every week;

Number of uses: How many members does the company have? How many video conferences do you need to use;

Office scene: Most of the fixed use in the office building, or outdoor mobility is mostly;

The object of the video conference: whether to communicate frequently with the company's internal staff, or with the company's external customers;

Domestic and foreign: more use in the country, or more communication abroad;

Is it easy to communicate: Is it possible to communicate anytime and anywhere? Is the communication information displayed intuitive and easy to negotiate and make decisions?

After understanding these actual needs, and then looking back at the product introductions given by the manufacturers, it is easier to understand which ones you value and which ones look very good but do not help you, so you can avoid buying them. A product that does not match your actual needs.

2, the hardware is the best? Do not kill all possibilities with a stick

When many people think of the words "video conference", they think about the high-definition hardware video conferencing system seen on TV, and then understand the price of similar products, or they will either put it on hold or give up. The idea of building a video conferencing system is because the cost of building a hardware video conferencing system is too high. It requires not only the purchase of expensive equipment, but also the deployment of a dedicated network environment. It also requires dedicated maintenance and maintenance. The overall project investment exceeds its expectations.

Indeed, for companies that are “not bad money”, building a hardware video conferencing system is a good choice because the hardware video conferencing system has high stability and good results. However, with the development of network communication technology, many excellent software video conferencing systems have appeared on the market, the cost of construction is very low, and the effect can fully meet the needs of enterprises. Therefore, when purchasing video conferencing products, companies should not kill all the possibilities, learn more about the development direction of the industry, and strive to find products that are suitable for their own enterprises and that are feature-rich and cost-effective.

3, blindly choose low-priced products? Must test more

The above mentioned that when choosing a video conferencing system, you can pay attention to the price/performance ratio of the product, but the high cost performance does not mean low price. There is still a big difference between the two. The high cost performance means that the performance is optimal at the same price, or the same. Under the performance of the lowest price, the premise of high cost performance is that the performance of the product must pass, to meet the needs of the enterprise. Therefore, companies should not choose products that are not suitable for them in order to save hundreds or thousands of dollars. There are no bad points when testing the product several times. The content of the test includes whether the function meets the needs of the enterprise, whether the stability of the product is guaranteed under the condition of large concurrency, etc. The current video conferencing vendors generally have a test time of more than one week. When companies buy products, don't be embarrassed to test, can not blindly pursue low prices, to ensure that product features, performance, conference safety and after-sales service support is essential.

4, PC-side meeting is enough? The selected products must support the entire platform

At present, most of the main functions of the cloud conference software in the market are concentrated on the PC side, and there are few video conferencing softwares with comprehensive functions of the mobile APP. Therefore, in the direction of publicity, the promotion of the PC is more emphasized. But in fact, the video conferencing system on the PC side can't really be opened at any time and any place. More application scenarios require employees to have laptops anytime and anywhere, which is not only inconvenient to carry, but also increases the conference cost of the enterprise and supports mobile phones. For APP, PC, PAD and global phone products, users should consider and support the whole platform to ensure high-quality audio and video or live conferences at any time and anywhere, and secure and efficient remote collaboration and document sharing with teams around the world.

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