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Diagram of Video conference system solution (with AVLink PTZ camera)

Issuing time:2019-10-07 21:11Author:zonda.cam@gmail.com

Diagram of video conference system

Following we`d like to share the diagram of large conference room, middle conference room, personal office, and software terminal.

video conferencing solution _avlink HD PTZ camera.jpg

1. Large conference room

In Large conference room, generally speaking, it will use two 20x optical HD PTZ Camera or 3pcs 12x optical PTZ Video camera, then it connect to Terminal, mixer, wireless microphone, power amplifer.

Large conference room avlink HD PTZ camera.jpg

2. Middle conferencing room solution A

In middle conference room, it will use 1pcs 20x communication terminal, to connect with omnidirectional microphone, output image to TV etc display, then you will see it is a perfect solution.

Middle conference room solution 1 _avlink HD PTZ camera.jpg

3. Middle conferencing room solution B

In middle conference room, it will use 1pcs 30x HD PTZ Camera or 20x Remote PTZ camera,   to connect with omnidirectional microphone and terminal, then output image to TV etc display, affordable diagram for corporation.

Middle conference room solution 2 _avlink HD PTZ camera.jpg

4. Small office

In small office, put 1pcs 4K webcamera to connect TV.

small office solution _avlink HD PTZ camera.jpg

5. Personal Office

In personal office, our all-in-one smart terminal suitable for our application.

Personal Office_avlink HD PTZ camera.jpg

6. Software terminal

If not in the office, mobile conferencing is below, there is some software terminal installed in our phone, ipad, PC etc. The software such as Skpe, Gotomeeting, Bulejeans etc.

software terminal _avlink HD PTZ camera.jpg

In all, HD PTZ Camera has been alread widel used in corporation, it has saved much time and cost for business, let`s keep talking. For more diagram, please contact whatsapp: +86 18102685467

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