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Application Advantages and Trend Analysis of Mobile Video Conference System

Issuing time:2019-11-25 10:12Author:zonda.cam@gmail.com

Application Advantages and Trend Analysis of Mobile Video Conference System

In today's rapid development of science and technology, in order to develop their own enterprises, in order to improve their work efficiency, in order to make their own enterprises continue to grow and develop, they began to work hard on video conferences. Today, video conferencing is becoming more and more popular, and its form is gradually developing into cloud applications and mobile applications. In some high-end video conferencing areas, cloud video applications have become an important consideration.

In recent years, thanks to the rapid spread of smartphones and the promotion of 3G and 4G networks, mobile video conferencing has rapidly emerged, and related companies have launched corresponding solutions.

Video conferencing system, also known as conference television system, refers to individuals or groups in two or more different places. Through transmission lines and multimedia devices, voice, video and document data are transmitted to each other for instant and interactive communication. System equipment that achieves the purpose of the meeting. Video conferencing is a bit like a phone call. In addition to being able to see the people you talk to and communicate in a language, you can see their expressions and movements, so that people in different places can communicate in the same room.

The mobile video conferencing system is mainly based on cloud computing and mobile Internet. It uses IOS mobile phones, IPAD, Android mobile phones, Android PAD and other clients. The video conferencing in the wireless network environment is truly "anytime, anywhere". The conference broke through the limitations of the past only in a fixed location, through a fixed line to hold a video conference, so that cross-regional communication realized the true sense of anytime, anywhere, which is the root of its highly respected.

The features of mobile video conferencing are as follows:

1. Mobile internet access. At any time and place, as long as there is an IT network signal, it can be logged in through the smart terminal, which greatly expands the available range of video conferencing, and enables efficient and real-time communication under the support of mobile Internet;

2. Save money. Mobile terminals are generally much lower than ordinary PCs, reducing the hardware cost of video conferencing to hardware;

3. Carrying convenience. Mobile video conferencing mobile video conferencing can fully implement "pocket conferencing", without the need to add other hardware devices, you can use the general smart phone to conduct meetings.

Therefore, in the day when the government strongly advocates "green travel, low-carbon life", mobile video conferencing transmits multimedia data in real time through mobile networks, realizing a "face-to-face" virtual meeting environment between people, effectively reducing the number of enterprises and institutions. Travel and business travel are convenient, which in turn reduces the operating costs of the business. The emergence of mobile smart terminals has made users less time on the computer, and mobile office has become the mainstream trend of modern commercial office.

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