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How should the meeting room of the video conferencing system be arranged?

Issuing time:2019-10-21 14:16Author:zonda

How should the meeting room of the video conferencing system be arranged?

The design of the video conference room is one of the important factors affecting the effect of the video conference, including the venue equipment, the venue layout, and the venue environment. The design of the conference room involves a wide range of content, limited by space, we only list some factors and suggestions below.

The video conference venue equipment includes specific video and audio signal input and output devices such as a video camera, a television, a microphone, and a sound system. Combined with different venue layout and decoration conditions, these devices should be configured differently in order to truly guarantee the conference effect. For example, the sound reinforcement system of the venue must be well coordinated with the layout of the venue to truly ensure its effectiveness. The professional sound reinforcement system design relies on complex sound field testing and repeated debugging.

The video conference venue layout includes the overall design, venue area, venue decoration, etc.:

1. Space layout of the conference room

The conference room space is mainly determined by the maximum number of participants. Small meeting rooms for 4-6 people, the seats are usually arranged in a line or small fan shape; large and medium-sized meeting rooms, the enlarged part of the seat pendulum takes a U-shape to achieve the best video angle.

Videoconferencing related rooms should be laid in a dark bottom to facilitate threading. The tabletop in the room is neutral or light, allowing the ceiling to be evenly reflected to the participant's face. Don't use a white desktop, the lens will automatically adjust the aperture to adjust to the brightness of the white, and the participants will appear too dark. The video conference room should be away from the noisy or frequent access areas of the personnel to avoid the participants feeling uncomfortable.

2. Light source control of the conference room

Since the time for holding the meeting is random, artificial light sources should be used indoors to avoid natural light. The best source of light in the conference room should be a fluorescent or tricolor light. At the same time, be sure to avoid windows in the camera's viewfinder range, otherwise the outdoor light source will force the camera's aperture to be too small, causing darkness.

3. Audio equipment layout of the conference room

The echo reflection clutter in the video conference room has a great influence on the conference effect, so it is recommended to control the clutter within 50db spl. How to effectively control clutter? Use an omnidirectional microphone or a directional microphone. Omnidirectional microphones should have automatic gain control, omnidirectional sound collection, etc. Directional microphones are usually one person. The whole system should meet the needs of the conference room, and try to avoid using too many microphones to cause adverse effects. In addition, the meeting room must be sound absorbing.

4. Interior decoration of the conference room

The window-side wall can be insulated with curtains (clothes) with sound-absorbing effects, and the effect of the velvet curtains or fabrics is best. The wall of the video conference room is decorated with a soft bag. The floor is best carpeted to avoid too many noises when people walk around; at the same time try not to use marble walls, because marble is easy to reflect noise and affect the sound effect.

5, the power control of the conference room

Video equipment such as cameras and televisions should preferably use the same phase power supply. The mcu, codec and camera of the important venue should use uninterruptible power supply. Install an appropriate number of network jacks and corresponding 220v power outlets near the conference table.

6, the environment layout of the conference room

Standard video conferencing environment, temperature 18-25 °C. Keep the indoor airflow unobstructed and should not be too large. Indoors should be equipped with fire extinguishers for communication equipment. Reserve no less than 2 network plug-in ports. Try to reduce indoor and outdoor noise.

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