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Video conferencing systems will gradually penetrate into more industry applications

Issuing time:2019-10-17 13:22Author:zonda

Video conferencing systems will gradually penetrate into more industry applications

The video conferencing system, that is, individuals and groups in two or more places, conducts face-to face conversations through communication devices and networks, and uses the Internet to replace the flow of people to achieve stable transmission of sound and video images, and achieve efficient interaction of remote information. purpose.

Relevant data show that in recent years, the market size of video conferencing systems has expanded year by year and infiltrated into all walks of life. The public inspection law and government departments still occupy a large proportion, and the proportion of procurement in education, medical care, taxation and other industries continues to rise. Let's take a look at the current use of video conferencing systems in several important areas:

1. Government and enterprise video conferencing systems

All along, the use of video conferencing systems has been deployed in government and large enterprise groups. In the past, traditional video conferencing and expensive MCU deployments made it difficult to promote it in a wide range. Nowadays, the development of mobile Internet, the emergence of cloud video conferencing, the cost is continuously reduced, and the advantages of mobile convenience and interconnection are widely used in many small and medium-sized enterprises. Instead of business travel, it has become the latest collaborative work mode for government, enterprise telecommuting, teleconferencing, and remote training.

2. Education industry video conferencing system

The gradual deepening of education informatization construction, video conferencing system in the construction of schools, training and educational institutions, to achieve remote video interactive teaching, the current hot double classroom is through the video conferencing system, real-time two-way real-time high-definition audio and video interaction, remote areas Students and teachers are in close contact with each other to realize the sharing of high-quality teacher resources. The lecture room can interact with thousands of remote classrooms for audio and video, and expand the coverage of different areas by expanding the space to expand the scale of teaching. The educational video conferencing system can simultaneously realize online live broadcast and real-time recording and storage of the boutique classroom. The unified video cloud platform facilitates educational institutions to hold academic seminars and teacher training at any time, and comprehensively enhance the information management level of the school.

3. Medical industry video conferencing system

In recent years, the state has attached great importance to the digital construction of medical care, and has realized medical information services such as remote video consultation, remote academic seminars, and surgical teaching through video conferencing systems. At present, China is vigorously developing the construction of medical associations. The remote video medical platform will connect medical institutions at all levels, such as community hospitals and top three hospitals, to help achieve the integration of medical resources, gradually realize the construction of medical associations, and balance the uneven distribution of medical resources. . The construction of telemedicine platform plays an important role in the construction of graded diagnosis and treatment in China. Through video conferencing system, it can realize remote medical teaching, surgical guidance and training for grassroots physicians, improve the overall quality of medical teams, and gradually realize the first diagnosis at the grassroots level.

4. Video conference system in emergency command area

The video conferencing system builds an efficient and intelligent linkage meeting system for the emergency command department. The rapid assembly and coordination of information and the timely visual reception and release of information between departments, improve the operational efficiency of combat in the actual combat process, and now the application of mobile video conferencing Videoconferencing has been successfully applied in mobile command and combat equipment to realize real-time synchronous information communication between on-site emergency and back-end video command center, deployment of video communication emergency command system, construction of rapid emergency dispatching and coordinated combat platforms at all levels. .

As a current advanced communication technology, the video conferencing system can realize timely and efficient audio and video collaboration through the Internet. In addition to the remote meeting, it has brought intelligent interactive experiences to many fields of education and medical care, helping the industry to achieve a significant increase in the efficiency of information communication in the Internet+ era.

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