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How to solve HDMI black screen or splash screen problem

Issuing time:2018-09-28 22:30Author:Zonda

How to solve HDMI black screen or splash screen problem

Recommendation:   turn of the device then connect the cable, and the cables should be professional.

Problem: The picture output to the TV is dim, and the picture on the screen is far from bright. What is going on here?

Solution: The main problem is the quality of the HDMI cable. First: this HDMI cable may be a knockoff, and the metal wires inside the cable are not colored enough and the resistance is too large. In addition, the shielding layer cuts corners, the cable has poor anti-interference ability, and there is no shielding magnetic ring design. Therefore, with such a wire, the video transmission effect is naturally not good. Regular HDMI cable should not be too long. Even if you buy an HDMI cable produced by a regular manufacturer, you should also pay attention to not buying an too long HDMI cable. If the line is too long, the signal will be attenuated. There are a lot of HDMI cables on the market with 3 meters and 5 meters. Even with the same process, the signal level is not as good as 1-2 meters. Before buying, first measure how long HDMI cable you need, preferably within 2 meters.

Problem: Screen is black, can displayed

Solution: change the HD socket and then reselect the signal source of the TV input. Second, it may be caused by poor signal quality. In the setting item of the network TV box, down the output resolution, for example, 1080P turn to 720P, for example, 75 Hz is reduced to 50 Hz, which is to solve the TV display. The problem is to solve the TV display ability don’t match the TV box output signal. Or try a better quality HDMI cable.

Problem: flash screen or black screen when HDMI connects TV

Solution: the current TV is soft shutdown, in fact, there is no shutdown, the TV includes ports is with power, long time without discharge will appear TV flash screen problem. The solution is to completely power off the TV.

Problem: when HDMI connect TV, TV display occasionally black screen flashing

Solution: the problem should be HDMI cable is unstable, the shielding effect of the line is not good, HDMI cable is not standard wire. It is recommended to take PORTTA wire or check whether the port is loose.

Note: how to check the connection of the HDMI cable and the TV input.

First, look for the cause of the problem from the most basic aspect. Check if the HDMI cable is properly connected to the HDMI connector of the TV. In addition, check if the TV has been tuned to the HDMI input mode, and pay attention to whether the HDMI interface corresponds, such as connecting to the HDMI2 interface, select HDMI2 on the menu.

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