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Government-level and enterprise-level users are the main drivers of the video conferencing market

Issuing time:2019-10-19 12:26Author:zonda

Government-level and enterprise-level users are the main drivers of the video conferencing market

In recent years, due to national policies such as government agencies, enterprises and institutions saving conference costs, public funds for hospitality, travel, and education, the market demand for accelerating the video conferencing industry in China has been accelerating, especially in second- and third-tier cities. The application needs are fully rolled out:

Government-level and enterprise-level users are the main drivers of the video conferencing market

The video conferencing system of government agencies, enterprises and institutions has relatively high requirements, especially the security and stability of products. Therefore, video conferencing is established by means of self-built internal private network system. There are many branches of government agencies, enterprises and institutions, and there are many geographical distributions. There are many large-scale and small-scale conferences and long-term staff training. Therefore, the amount of video conferences purchased at one time is large, and a large number of video conference equipments need to be purchased to greatly promote the video. The buying demand in the conference market is huge.

SME video conferencing market has great potential

In the era of digital information, rapid communication and improvement of work efficiency are the ways for more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to survive and develop. The instant communication of information and information does not require a lot of time for wasting on the road. Combining all factors, small and medium-sized enterprises will become a new hot spot for the growth of the video conferencing industry. Due to the small amount of small and medium-sized funds, the lack of professional technicians, and the frequent and low-level features of the conference, small and medium-sized enterprises are reluctant to invest large amounts of money. For products used in daily meetings and daily training, the video conference rental model is a market operation mode in which small and medium-sized enterprises use video conferencing systems.

Video conferencing contributes to education

With the country's emphasis on education, we will focus on introducing various policies to stimulate the development of education. The emergence of remote network video conferencing systems will greatly enhance the communication, mutual learning and exchange experience, and exchange of teachers' experience.

Functionally merging with other businesses

With the mature development of video conferencing technology, users' needs are becoming more and more abundant. The video conferencing system is required to provide clear and smooth audio and video. It also needs to ensure the integration of documents, pictures, and various office software. Multimedia solutions. In the future, the video conferencing system will not only serve as a communication medium for the voice and avatar of the participants, but will also integrate the existing business procedures of the enterprise to better complete the collaboration between the participants.   

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