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Government demand drives video conferencing growth and Security solutions are widely optimistic

Issuing time:2019-10-20 21:18Author:Zonda

Government demand drives video conferencing growth,   Security solutions are widely optimistic

Since entering China in the 1990s, video conferencing systems have moved forward. Today, the video conferencing market accounts for 23.9% of the overall market share. Although it is relatively low but has developed rapidly, the market size has increased from 5.23 billion yuan in 2014 to 16.02 billion yuan in 2018, which has more than tripled in 4 years, achieving 32.3. % annual compound growth. The development of the domestic video conferencing market in recent years can be described as rapid growth, and it is expected that there will be a rapid development momentum in the next few years.

The market will maintain rapid growth in the next few years

According to the Prospective Industry Research Institute "Video Conference System Industry Development Prospects and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report", during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the growth rate of China's video conferencing market will exceed 30%, and the domestic video conferencing system market will exceed the scale by 2020. 590 billion yuan, the market is showing rapid growth.

According to the analysis of regional market structure, the video conference system in the eastern part of China is in a period of rapid development. The markets in East China, North China and South China are growing rapidly, and the market share is also over 65%. In the central and western regions, the market development is relatively slow, and the market growth in Central, Southwest, Northwest, and Northeast China is below 30%.

As the network penetration rate continues to increase and video technology continues to advance, although the video conferencing market in China is still dominated by the government and enterprises, its application range is expanding, gradually to sales and promotion, distance education, remote recruitment, etc. The market potential is still huge.

The two segments of the future video conferencing and video convergence will work together, and its compound growth rate and market scale will be amplified at a considerable rate. Under the great atmosphere of the leading enterprises in the market, new entrants will also touch the competitive landscape and make constant adjustments.

Government demand dominates

According to IDC analysis, video conferencing is the core business of government video applications. Video conferencing helps improve information flow efficiency, improve government efficiency, and increase government transparency. It is of great significance in the transformation of “digital government”.

In recent years, under the guidance of the government's informationization reform and related supporting policies, the domestic video conferencing market is still dominated by government demand. In 2017, the market share of government demand in the domestic video conferencing market reached 32%.

Driven by the public institutions and enterprises in the fields of government, medical, education, finance, etc., China's video conferencing market has shown a steady growth trend.

Security solutions have broad prospects

As an important application of “Digital Government”, video conferencing will face a stronger test of its security. With the popularity of cloud computing technology, more and more video conferences are being carried out through the cloud, and threats such as conference destruction and identity impersonation are emerging one after another. Data encryption is crucial for video conference security.

The lack of "autonomous and controllable" encryption algorithms to support China's network security applications is like "the door is its own, the lock core is someone else's." The government is used for video conferencing services that require new technologies and new products to support “autonomous and controllable”. Therefore, the full-process “end-to-end” security solution has the potential to grow as a fundamental part of business security. In this context, China's domestic video conferencing companies have broad prospects for development.

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