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Education information construction, video conferencing system becomes an indispensable tool

Issuing time:2019-10-25 14:43Author:zonda

Education information construction, video conferencing system becomes an indispensable tool

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With the development of the Internet, computer technology and multimedia technology, China's educational information construction has made breakthroughs. Through the deep integration of science and technology information technology and education and teaching, the core concept of “Internet + education” has been promoted. As an interactive, real-time, efficient and intelligent remote communication tool, the video conferencing system supports remote real-time video interactive teaching in different places and becomes an indispensable tool for educational information reform.

The traditional teaching mode is to realize one-to-many teaching at fixed time and fixed place, and the quality of teachers resources can not be shared, and the remote interactive teaching based on video conferencing system, “face-to-face” real distance teaching, and recording through video conferencing system Broadcasting function, realizing the live recording and recording of the entire teaching process, and realizing the storage and sharing of the boutique classroom.

Aiming at the problem of uneven distribution of educational resources in China, through video conferencing system to achieve distance learning, students in remote areas can use the video interactive teaching system to realize classroom interaction with high-quality teachers, receive advanced teaching resources, and improve the teaching of excellent teachers. Delivery ability, another convenient solution can help solve the problem of education equalization in China.

AVLink video conferencing system meets the full range of needs of the education industry, and realizes remote real-time visual teaching. At the same time, it provides an efficient collaborative work mode for educational institutions, enabling remote meetings and training, remote interactive teaching, classroom recording, and remote academic seminars. Expand regional cooperation and so on. Avlink Video is a unified video platform system built for educational institutions. It has strong compatibility, seamlessly interfaces with the school information management platform, and supports seamless connection with traditional video conferences of other manufacturers to ensure interoperability between schools. Provide protection for the school's post-system expansion and protect the institutional investment of educational institutions.

The current hot double-teacher classroom solution is to realize two-way real-time high-definition interactive live broadcast through the video conferencing system, bringing the famous teacher classroom to the remote areas, real-time interaction in different places, and gradually balancing educational resources. Through the remote video teaching system, breaking through the boundaries of time and space, bringing more learning opportunities to more students, is conducive to educational institutions to expand the scale of teaching, improve teaching quality, and reduce teaching costs. From the perspective of further development, the remote video interactive teaching system deepens the informatization construction of education and gradually realizes the development goal of “everyone learns, can learn everywhere, and learn from time to time”.

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