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Avlink enters the double-teacher class to provide one-stop interactive teaching solutions

Issuing time:2019-10-25 14:58Author:zonda

Avlink enters the double-teacher class to provide one-stop interactive teaching solutions

With the development of "Internet + education", education giants such as New Oriental and Good Future are competing to launch the live education business to promote the further development of the classroom. Compared with the traditional teaching live broadcast, the dual-teacher classroom education mode requires real interactive teaching, improving students' classroom participation and activity, and the perfect combination of online and offline education, which is closest to the Internet education of the class. The premise of achieving this effect requires a perfect dual-teacher equipment, system deployment, and overall solution support, thus providing students and teachers with a high-quality remote interactive teaching environment

Avlink several years of high-definition video communication service providers in the field of industry education, has always been at the leading level of high-definition cloud video, years of technical deep-rooted and field-focused, providing customers with flexible configuration and service for remote interactive teaching. Support teachers' high-definition distance education solutions for classrooms, teachers and individuals.

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Avlink provides end-to-end remote interactive teaching solutions

The high-definition interactive teaching cloud platform provided by Avlink replaces the traditional MCU, and the audio and video delay is less than 150 milliseconds, and the packet loss rate is less than three thousandths. Support large-capacity deployment, support simultaneous 10,000 people online. The terminal equipment does not need a dedicated line, and the Internet bandwidth can be accessed.

Supporting massive data concurrency, the teaching cloud platform provided by   Avlink achieves 10,000-level concurrency, and the capacity expansion and processing capabilities are adjusted according to the number of video users. At the same time, it realizes multi-system and multi-platform interoperability and supports multi-terminal access such as smart phones, PADs and computers. The deployment is simple and convenient. It is not necessary to deploy core switching equipment in the user center equipment room. All audio, video and data exchange processing is completed at the remote end. Users only need to set up the required video conference terminal on the front end, and the management is more convenient and saves. The cost of maintenance personnel.

At the same time, Avlink has a professional ICD room, and hundreds of cabinets provide large-scale server clusters for video services, saving users' investment and expanding capacity.

Avlink is dedicated to providing end-to-end, one-stop high-definition interactive teaching services for educational institutions. It is a service provider for the deployment of dual-class classroom systems. Avlink Video uses a new real-time high-definition interactive teaching live broadcast system platform to help the full expansion of the dual-teacher classroom model, improve the sharing ability of high-quality teacher resources, promote the equalization of educational materials, and bring vitality to the development of education.

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