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How should the video conferencing system be maintained?

Issuing time:2019-11-23 22:11Author:zonda.cam@gmail.com

How should the video conferencing system be maintained?

As we all know, video conferencing has now been used by a large number of users, and although the network video conferencing is powerful and stable, we must learn how to maintain it, so that the video conferencing can be used for a longer period of time. At different times, we should also do different maintenance work for video conferencing, we will give you a detailed description of how video conferencing should be maintained.

1. Do not repair all the components of the system by yourself unless you are a system-trained repair technician. The system must be used and protected in strict accordance with the operating manual.

2. When disconnecting all the cables, please use different connection methods for different cables, tighten the adapter and then plug it in. Do not use brute force to pull the cable. Before connecting the cables, please make the orientation of the two connectors correct and aligned;

3. In order to avoid possible electric shocks, do not connect or disconnect any cables of the system during thunderstorms, and do not electrify and install the components of the system;

4. Most of the components of the video conferencing system have undergone strict electromagnetic radiation (EMC) or similar security verification. The normal situation will not disturb other electronic products, but please pay attention to the system when adding electronic devices. Whether the selected products have been tested and tested to avoid interference with existing systems;

5. After the HD video conferencing system or device is turned off, do not test the instant restart. It is necessary for the projector to wait for the cooling fan to completely stop running before it can be restarted. The cooling time depends on the running condition (generally, it is recommended to be no less than 30 minutes). ). Other electronic device restart interval can not be less than three minutes;

6. Please adhere to the smoothness and ventilation of all devices, otherwise it may cause a short circuit of the internal components of the device, causing fire or electric shock, and may even form a collapse of the entire system;

7. Adhere to the fundamental clean environment in which the electronic system operates, so that there is no smoke or dust, because smoke and dust are harmful to the projector and all electronic devices, even though the projector has a sealed, dustproof, smokeproof DMD, chip. ;

Thoroughly doing the maintenance work of the above video conferences is very beneficial to extending the video conferencing system usage time. The same can also improve the stability of its functions, the clarity of the image, and the sound quality is more realistic.

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