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Video conferencing solution cloud application advantage in the 5G era

Issuing time:2019-11-05 21:06Author:zonda

Video conferencing solution cloud application advantage in the 5G era

Last Thursday (June 6), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially announced the issuance of 5G commercial licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and Television. This shows that China has officially entered the 5G era!

5G, the fifth-generation mobile communication technology, is a high-end version of the solution of a variety of new wireless access technologies and existing wireless access technologies. At present, the 5G download speed of the experimental test has exceeded 1G/s, and the transmission speed is nearly 10 times higher than 4G.

With the large-scale commercial popularization of 5G, it will realize the connection of people, people and things, things and things anywhere, anytime, and connect with everyone, supporting all applications on the Internet of Things. In the 5G era, cloud video conferencing is more flexible, convenient, efficient and easy to use. Through wired transmission and 5G wireless high-speed communication transmission technology, it can communicate and respond in real time like “face-to-face” in different places, which brings great changes to our working methods.

5G stands for not only fast, but also higher transmission rates, lower network latency, and greater communication capacity. 5G will further increase the market size of cloud video conferencing, better solve cross-regional communication problems, and make cloud video conferencing the mainstream office mode in the future.

Cloud video conferencing is faster and easier

With the rapid development of enterprises, the market demand for mobile video conferencing is also growing. 5G cloud video system seamlessly docks with mobile phones and tablets that you carry, and participates in peer-to-peer smoother and clearer, simpler operation, easier and faster use, and lower cost mobile video conferencing, enabling face-to-face collaboration and content sharing. The limitations of meeting rooms and offices make it a lot of flexibility and work efficiency at home.

Cloud video conferencing features are more detailed

With the development of communication technology and the continuous transformation and development of video conferencing technology, enterprises have higher requirements for video conferencing. They are no longer simply used for meetings, and the application scenarios of the industry are clear. 5G cloud video conferencing has many functions such as video conferencing, live video, video recording, video training, screen sharing, etc., and is more widely used in government, military, enterprise, IT, telecommunications, power, education, medical, securities, finance, manufacturing. In various fields, remote office collaboration, remote access, remote visits, distance learning, telemedicine, remote interviews, emergency command, etc., fully play the role of cloud video conferencing, fully meet the needs of enterprises.

Cloud video conferencing has multiple functions

5G cloud mobile video conferencing solution not only has high-quality clear and smooth audio and video functions, but also can realize efficient and fast sharing of various documents such as Word, Excel, PPT, Pdf, file transfer, conference management, etc., screen sharing and live video broadcast. Ability to conduct online presentations and interactions. Cloud video conferencing can be used on multiple devices and multiple platforms. Mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and Macs can quickly access real-time video conferencing.

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