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AVLKC40 Mini Remote Control Panel (PTZ Keyboard Controller)

Model: AVLKC40 Mini PTZ controller

AVLKC40 Mini Remote Control Panel (PTZ Keyboard Controller)

The AVLKC40   is an advanced remote control unit for the AVL all PTZ cameras all while using the Sony Visca or Pelco-D/P control system. A joystick controller gives precision camera moves and focus adjustments.

For the Sony Visca protocol, by RS485 it up to 6 preset camera, by RS232 it up to 64 presents; For the Pelco-D/P protocol, it up to 255 presets by both RS232 and RS485. And lens positions can be programmed for immediate recall. Also controller panel can turn off PTZ camera by Visca protocol.

Controller operations include adjustments for auto-focus, white balance, the auto-exposure feature and backlight compensation. A tally lamp feature is also possible in these systems. The remote control features are performed using the standard VISCA and PELCO-D/P protocol. An 8-pin to 8-pin DIN RS-232C cable required for the control functions is included. This controller can perform these functions with up to seven cameras in a daisy-chain configuration.

Key Features

  • VISCA protocol could control up to 35 cameras , which support Pan, Tilt & Zoom in/Out Control

  • Pelco-D/P protocol could control up to 50 cameras, which support Pan, Tilt & Zoom in/Out Control

  • Up to 255 presets by Pelco-D/P protocol

  • Fully compatible with Sony PELCO P / D and other control protocols

  • Could support RS485 / RS422 / RS232 / IP (UDP \ TCP) and other control communications

  • Could quickly and easily control the adjustment of the camera aperture, shutter, brightness and white balance

  • Button adopt backlight design and adjustable brightness which can be automatically turned on or off according to ambient light

  • High brightness OLED display

  • Built-in multi-language menu, user friendly

  • High-quality silicone keys

  • Compact design

  • Support for online firmware upgrades


PTZ camera controller, PTZ keyboard controller, Remote controller panel, Remote Joystick controller, mini controller

Comm. Interface

RS485 and RS232


Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Visca

Baud Rate

2400bps, 4800bps, 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps




4-axis(Left/Right, Up/Down, Zoom in/Zoom out, Focus Near/Focus Far)





Power Consumption


Speed SettingHIgh, Middle, Low
ColorChinese, English



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