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Why should companies use video conferencing?

Issuing time:2019-10-22 20:45Author:zonda

Why should companies use video conferencing?

In the past, in order to convene a conference, enterprises can only organize branches to hold meetings in the headquarters. The meeting noticed that all branches of the road rushed to the headquarters on time. Every meeting must be prepared in advance, and accommodation, travel and travel are required.

After one year, the travel expenses of the conference have become a non-negligible expenditure, and this traditional way of meeting has seriously affected the efficiency of daily business communication and conference communication; especially in an emergency, it is impossible to call the branches at the first time. Communicate and negotiate decisions in a timely manner. The emergence of video conferencing has improved this situation. Choosing different video conferencing modes according to different situations is also an important factor for many companies to choose it.

In today's global business environment, building strong relationships with partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors and customers has never been more important than it is today. High-quality video conferencing enables users to communicate effectively with each other like a real face-to-face conversation, building a good relationship for business success, which is why you need video conferencing!

1. Speed up business

One of the most compelling reasons for adopting a technology in the office is to improve work efficiency. The advancement of office technology has always been to speed up business. The development of video conferencing is also based on this. It is able to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships, regardless of distance, to truly achieve the "foot-to-the-world", to achieve colleagues with distant locations, as in an office to handle official business.

Throughout the past 50 years, technology has transformed companies from local small stores into global entities. The Internet, fax machines and mobile phones all help to speed up this shift, but there has always been a cost that cannot be ignored – the connection established by the people themselves. Video conferencing can establish and maintain interpersonal relationships, regardless of distance.

“When you can share presentations face to face, talk about reports, why bother sending emails? Through video conferencing, everyone knows where you are.” Paul Panton, Barnard Telecom Manager

2. The competition is neutral and invincible

In the past, video conferencing has always been considered a big man, or an office tool that government agencies can use, not something that ordinary businesses can afford or use. But now, with the development of science and technology, the application of video conferencing is becoming more and more popular. Even small and medium-sized enterprises with limited resources will benefit from video conferencing.

Furthermore, by entering the global supply chain and collaborating with customers and partners in real time, companies can use this technology to fully enhance their competitive advantages. Video conferencing systems will become an indispensable office technology for enterprises. In the future, it will be as popular as printers and fax machines.

3. Work and life will become more balanced

Finding a perfect balance between work and life is not easy. You have to go to work on a nine-night, six-week, weekly meeting, and frequent meetings with customers. Meeting Or at home? You are caught in frequent choices. When part of your meeting becomes a video conference, you can have a meeting at home, and work and life will be more balanced. Video conferencing helps you build a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

4, care for health, remote office to pay

Bad weather, severe haze, traffic congestion, increasingly busy living conditions, who pays for health? Many companies are gradually turning to remote video conferencing, not just to reduce costs, but to turn more attention to health and personal life. At the same time, the staff also achieved high efficiency. Video conferencing helps the business stay up and running, the difference is just the location.

5, mobile – take over the world

Mobile and soho employees often miss out on opportunities due to poor communication and collaboration. But with the growing geometry of mobile devices, almost everyone in the world will carry a video conferencing device that is not yet enabled.

With the geometric growth of mobile devices, almost everyone will carry at least one mobile device with them. The growth of mobile terminal devices, including video conferencing solutions on the mobile side, is crucial. Support mobile devices to collaborate with other conferencing devices to collaborate and have the same functionality as meeting in the office. Other than that, it's just a little more convenient and more cost effective.

6, you think it is necessary to use high prices, then it is wrong!

Upgrading from low-quality, high-priced, high-definition, low-cost video conferencing products previously required high financial expenses, but it has now been greatly reduced. The deployment of the cloud platform enables enterprises to open remote conferences without the need to purchase hardware equipment. Even if the hardware equipment is installed, it is not so complicated, and the operation is simple and easy to use is the fundamental of technological development.

In recent years, relying on the development of computer technology, communication technology and network conditions, multimedia information integrating audio, video, image, text and data has enabled more and more people to enjoy online life and telemedicine through the Internet. The fun of remote communication shortens the distance between time zone and region.

Video conferencing allows people from different places to interact – whether they are between a 10-minute walk or a 10-hour flight. It enables people to exchange ideas and exchange information as if they were in the same room. This means that people don't have to wait for E-mail, fax or courier to spend working hours. In short, online video conferencing has made people "sit" together.

Video conferencing has three benefits. The benefits of "hardware" are measurable, while the benefits of "software" and "strategy" are difficult to measure. They must be included in the comprehensive analysis company's investment costs and benefits in video conferencing.

Benefits on “Hardware":

1. Reduce expenses;

2. Less travel, accommodation, and entertainment expenses;

3. Higher productivity;

4, less time spent on travel, and more time spent on production work;

5. Make full use of resources;

6. Key people and key information become more accessible.

Benefits on the "software":

1. Smooth communication;

2. People get together more frequently and share information more effectively;

3. Make decisions faster;

4. It is easier to access key people;

5. A good working environment.

The benefits of "strategy":

1. Formulate more optimal decisions;

2. Decisions will not only be faster, but also have more opinions and approvals from participants;

3. Faster crisis management;

4. Regardless of the time and place of the supervisor, the decision can be convened in a short time;

5. Enter the market faster;

6, because you can make faster decisions, get more opinions, so you can make products into the market faster;

7. More customer feedback;

8. As the company's operations become more efficient, it will respond more effectively to customer needs.


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