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Video conference promotes the pace of bank information construction

Issuing time:2019-10-30 21:00Author:zonda

Video conference promotes the pace of bank information construction

With the rapid development of China's economy, the role of banks in society has become more and more significant. In recent years, banks have begun to build a unified video conferencing system covering the entire bank in order to solve the inconvenience caused by the expanding business field and the time-consuming and costly meeting.

Generally speaking, banks will have many provincial branches, overseas institutions, and hundreds of prefecture-level sub-branches. The video conferencing system needs to cover all the branches, and the networking is complicated. This is for video conferencing vendors. A big challenge. With the development of the times, the original video conferencing system of the bank has been unable to meet the needs of the bank's growing banks, and the establishment of a new video conferencing system is an urgent problem to be solved.

Using the avlink video conferencing system to create a new video conferencing system can promote the bank's information construction.

1. Super large-scale, intelligent routing, supporting tens of thousands of simultaneous online super cloud platform

Banks are generally large, with multiple branches and a large number of employees, so videoconferencing is needed to support tens of thousands of people online at the same time.

The network will pass the high-definition cloud video platform, with a large-scale distributed server cluster in the country, with efficient cross-network transmission and intelligent routing technology, support two-way satellite transmission, achieve global coverage; with super scalability and network adaptation Capabilities, the same conference terminal can be distributed on different servers, high-reliability cloud video operation platform, supporting tens of thousands of people to watch concurrently through mobile phones/tablets, computers, and smart TVs, which is very suitable for large-scale applications of banks.

2. Stable and reliable, safe and worry-free, anti-virus intrusion and long-range attack

Banks need to ensure customer privacy and account security, so the requirements for video conferencing security and stability are relatively high.

The networked video conference is an embedded DSP hardware terminal, which is not afraid of system crash, can prevent remote attacks and virus intrusion; multi-level data encryption, system encryption, dynamic encryption, comprehensive security protection, guarantee the confidentiality of the conference process and conference security.

3. Intelligent error correction, network repair, packet loss compensation technology does not pick the network

In general, the bank's internal network will also have problems, because the establishment date is relatively early, and in continuous use, the equipment is aging. How to establish a video conferencing system in this network environment is not a small challenge for manufacturers.

With the patent of RUDP packet loss compensation technology, the audio and video can be guaranteed to be clear and smooth under the condition of up to 30% packet loss rate. Even in the case of a bad network, the image can be guaranteed not to be screened, not broken, and the network condition can be automatically determined. , intelligent routing, and adaptive network transmission.

4. Strong compatibility, a variety of terminals can freely join the conference room

In order to facilitate the use of the video conferencing system by the bank staff, the network mobile cloud video platform supports a variety of terminals to join the conference, whether at home or in a different business trip can join the conference anytime, anywhere.

Support network hardware video conferencing terminals, desktop PCs, mobile terminals, and a variety of soft video access, allowing meetings anytime, anywhere. The system's efficient H.264 HP coding, intelligent upload terminal code stream, and screen mixing have greatly saved bandwidth, and are applicable to the application environment of the wide area network to improve the stability of the system; the MCU provides high and low multi-stream to meet different networks. The need for adaptive selection of conference terminals.

The video conferencing system built by the network for the bank makes the contact between the head office and the branches more tight, the communication is more intuitive, and the leaders can understand the situation of the front line more directly, so as to handle the company affairs more efficiently.

Through the transformation of the video conferencing system, the bank not only saves employees from traveling, but also improves work efficiency and saves travel expenses. This also reflects the significant impact of video conferencing on modern bank enterprise operation management and collaborative work. It can be foreseen that the pace of information construction in the future will be faster and faster.

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