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In the era of 5G, 8K video conferencing will become a reality

Issuing time:2019-11-05 20:58Author:zonda

In the era of 5G, 8K video conferencing will become a reality

Nowadays, with the application of 5G and related technologies and the globalization process irreversibly promoted, more and more users are encouraged to communicate by video conferencing to achieve better communication and improve collaboration efficiency.

The need for video conferencing is growing

According to Frost & Sullivan, during the period from 2012 to 2016, the global video conferencing market grew at a compound annual growth rate of 7.5% from $31.9 billion to $42.6 billion. From 2017 to 2021, Frost & Sullivan expects CAGR for global video conferencing. It will reach 8.3%, and the market size in 2019 will be 55 billion US dollars.

In particular, in recent years, the market size of China's video conferencing system has expanded year by year. In 17 years, the market size reached 8.32 billion yuan. In 18 years, the market size reached 8.69 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.4%. In particular, the government has focused on the development of rural enterprises in recent years, and has played an important guiding role in the urbanization of rural transformation. The popularity of video conferences is a great support for government work. In addition, the emerging small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to better serve customers, special customized video conferencing system is indispensable, depending on the strength of the enterprise depends on whether there is a video conferencing system.

Video conferencing systems are becoming more and more mature

In the traditional video conferencing mode, enterprises purchase conference connections by purchasing expensive hardware devices, and each meeting point is a small expense. Today, when cloud video conferencing technology has reached a mature stage, in order to solve the problem that video conferencing hardware is too expensive to be popularized, enterprises can use the video conferencing SaaS lease mode to pay a small service fee to the supplier. You can get access to video conferencing.

With the development of communication Internet technology, video conferencing has become the first choice for enterprises. The country's technological development has also brought technological advances to video conferencing. In particular, the technology of domestic video conferencing is becoming more and more mature. The cloud-based video conferencing system has better security guarantees, and the stability and quality are getting better and better. The system upgrade is very smooth and the user barely feels any change.

263 video conferencing relies on years of accumulation in the field of Internet communications, not only completes seamless integration with products such as 263 teleconferences and corporate live broadcasts, but also is compatible with the original video conferencing terminals that are fully profitable and do not rely on MCU hardware video conferencing expansion. Video conferencing solutions fill the gap between market hardware conferences and software conferences.

8K video conferencing in the 5G era will become a reality

According to data from Huawei's "Indoor 5G Network White Paper", 5G applications will make stable 8K video conferencing a reality, and the mobilization of video conferencing will be popularized to promote its "smart medical, smart education, emergency command, smart finance". And other industry applications.

The 5G application builds a good network foundation for the ultra-high definition implementation of video conferencing. The eMBB service represented by 8K ultra-high definition video service will be the mainstream business application in the 5G era. In the 5G era, 8K video can spawn new immersive video applications such as panoramic video and virtual reality, allowing users to experience more fluent and efficient immersive video conferencing in realistic video scenes. At the same time, improving the performance of the teleconferencing system is conducive to opening up the market. It has broad application prospects in the fields of life, transportation, medical care, industrial energy, education, etc. It will greatly change people's lifestyles and bring people the ultimate business. Experience.

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