About Us

About Us


Shenzhen AVLink is a professional AV integration and conference solution supplier, specialized in high-definition video PTZ camera and PTZ keyboard controller over 10 years. Our production series from indoor camera such as High-Definition video conferencing PTZ camera, MCU, All-in-one camera terminal, HDBaseT, tracking camera 4K camera to Outdoor camera. range from 5x, 10x, 20x, to 30x optical.

Why Choose US

Why Choose US


10 years manufacturing experience

Leading AV integration & conference

solution suppliers

R&D leading technology

Low color temperature processing

LED environment processing

Wide Dynamic

OEM/ODM production

Supply productions on OEM & ODM conductions,

tailor-made to fit your unique market demand

Quick after-sales service

Top after-sales services, time feedback within

10 hours response

High quality products

Specialized in the production of HD & 4K video color cameras and PTZ controllers

Extra long warrant

For the case body, the warranty is 2 years, the

electronic components within 1 years warranty




Shenzhen AVLink Technology Co., Ltd


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